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    Foes And Friends (WIP)


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    Foes And Friends (WIP)

    Post by NotKictch on Wed May 28, 2014 5:19 pm

    The clans have been restless lately, their members are being slaughtered and their numbers dwindle, all because of the rise in human population. The lower their numbers get, the harder it is to retrieve food, and more often humans will find them or catch them, and the most common outcome is death. They have been exposed as non-fictional creatures, and are portrayed as evil and dangerous.

    This is a world in which Vampires and Werewolves live in multiple clans, separated by how they have reacted to the cursed blood running through their bodies. Each clan having their own special abilities and problems. Evolution has made them this way.

    It is your job, as new recruits to your clans, to find a way to help your species survive, may it be solo or even in a group with others from other clans. Though you may be different species, and although Vampires and Werewolves have been known rarely to live and co-operate, you know it is better to be with a group than by yourself, as you learn to live with your new lifestyle.

    Beware! there are those humans who hunt your kind, since you have been revealed to be real, it is very dangerous, you may die, but isn't it worth it to save your clan, to pave a road to a better tomorrow?

    The Species:

    Vampires in this world can stay in sunlight for up to 10 min before the effects of burning begin. Fire, sun, silver, holy water, and removal of the head can kill a vampire. Holy water burns vampires if it does not kill them. Vampires will tend to stray away from holy symbols. Garlic and stakes to the heart do nothing. Vampires are fast, and strong, though some may be faster or stronger than others. their senses are acute. They mostly feed at night, though feeding during the day has been known to occur. They do not sleep, only rest, and usually only during the day. They do have claws, and sharp canines. To turn a human vampire, a special bite must take place, you release the vampiric venom into the bloodstream of your victim, it is your choice to do this, not every human you bite will turn. Blood of humans satisfies, blood of animals only delays hunger pangs. If vampires go long periods of time without blood they will weaken and go mad with hunger. Feed whenever possible!
    You cannot see yourself in reflections but digital cameras such as cameras on phones and etc. can capture you.

    Werewolves in this world usually stay around their clan/pack. They turn during the full moon unless part of a clan perk. A bite leads to a transformation. Most werewolves are aware of the force that controls them when they turn, how they handle it depends on the clan. A first transformation is painful and happens during the full moon after they have been bit, although they will see the effects of the 'curse' taking over day by day. Silver and fire can kill a werewolf. Werewolves are strong, their senses are very acute especially their sense of smell. They are physically fit most of the time and their speed is that of an athletic human, not over the top. During times of non-transformation, werewolves tend to have animalistic personalities though they are not stupid, just changed instincts. A bite from a non-transformed werewolf leads to transformation.

    Hunter Humans: are human, though you have heard of the vampire/werewolf menace and wish to purge the world of these creatures, you are actively hunting them. You must train to be able to hold your own against these creatures, your weapons are up to you though do not OP them please. Give the poor buggers a chance. If turned you can choose to accept your fate, to continue hunting as one of their own turned against them or just simply end it all and kill yourself, your choice. I am pretty sure there are going to be plenty of deaths here, if you decide to kill yourself you are free to make another human...

    The Clans

    Vampire Clans:

    Lavia: The Lavia are half vampires, they are very few in number because they only happen under special circumstances. Those circumstances are turning while wearing a holy symbol on your person. Therefore these vampires are typically highly religious. The transformation is painful and it is very rare the vampire will survive. Their thirst is not as powerful, and they can stay in sunlight longer than normal, meaning a full hour before they feel the effects. But their strength is weakened, their speed is lethargic compared to full vampires, and if they ever remove that holy symbol they will go mad. Not used to having to deal with the full thirst and suddenly having it stronger than ever makes them go mad and usually leads to them killing themselves. Which is why Lavia are rarely seen.

    Naarue: The Naarue are the closest to bats you can get, they generally have the bat ears and, more than most of the time, the wings as well. They sleep hanging upsidown. The benefit is being able to fly, nothing else changes for them, though it is harder to blend in with humans.

    Nacota: The Nacota are shapeshifters, they keep the normal habits of vampires though. It is easier for them to wander around with humans than most of the other clans. The clan usually all keep one form when together though, like a pack of wolves or a pride of lions. The downfall to this though is that living such a feral lifestyle has rubbed off on your ability to interact, blending in is your specialty, not interacting with humans.

    Geeyui: The Geeyui are super fast vampires and their fangs are slightly longer than the other clans. They keep the normal hunting habits of vampires. Their one downfall is that they are incredibly shy, they tend to stay out of groups and only gather if absolutely necessary.

    Sayota: The Sayota possess a strange power of attraction. On a large part of their body they hold a marking that looks almost like a tattoo, any human that lays eyes on any part of the tattoo while immediately become attracted to the vampire in question. Which is why you will usually be seeing them completely cloaked. This power helps them with feeding. But they tend to try and not use it, only using it in emergencies.

    Werewolf Clans:

    Shakoya: The Shakoya can be seen as the classic werewolves. Turning only during the full moon. They wander as "humans" while their is no full moon. And during a full moon they transform into giant wolves and completely lose control of themselves, slaughtering as their 'curse' sees fit. They do not remember these times and will always try to return to the place they first transformed.

    Tika: The Tika (a.k.a. Puppy Clan) is comprised of nothing but puppies. They are stuck most of the time in their wolf cub forms, sometimes turning to their human forms but only for short periods of time. Just because they are puppies does not mean that they are children. They can speak normally or in wolf speak. They are incredibly nimble and can run for long periods of time due to their child-like stamina. This does not affect how they act, they do not act childish unless intentionally done so.

    Zoutu: The Zoutu always have wolf ears and their tail visible, making it hard to blend in with humans. These are the ones that turn into the humanoid wolves, they can do this willingly. They embrace the 'curse' and are able to control it and bend it to their will although it only transforms them so far.

    Yakalisk: The Yakalisk are indefinitely stuck in their wolf forms. They more or less act like feral/wild wolves although they can still communicate with human vocalizations. They tend to stay more traditional (like native american). They embrace the 'curse' so much that they have accepted it and chose to stay in the wolf form. Thus why they are stuck.

    Swarm: The Swarm are were-rodents. Any kind of rodent, be it squirrel or rat, etc. They show signs of their form while "human" and transform to their fullest potential only on the full moon. When they turn they try to fight against the 'curse'. They usually stay in packs when wandering and tend to stay near their 'nest'. They still can communicate with human vocalizations but are usually shunned upon for being...well....rodents.

    Katek: The Katek are super stealthy, moving silent and graceful, they can not even be heard when walking. They only turn during the full moon, though their inhuman grace and silence tends to put humans off. They hold some animal instinct while "human", they are usually punchy and are very cautious when dealing with people. When being controlled by the 'curse' they are aware of it and usually remember what happens.

    Vampire/Werewolf Clan:

    Yanmorrow: The Yanmorrow (a.k.a. Butcher Clan) is comprised of both Vampires and Werewolves. The only clan like this. They are bloodthirsty killers. The curse controls their every movement. They easily turn on innocents and people in their group, though there are very few who attempt to rebel against the 'curse' or blood thirst that runs through them, it is nearly impossible. They tend to have a very one track mind, set to kill. they believe that the 'curse' is showing them the way to live, that it must control them. People who are in this clan are highly dangerous. The werewolves turn during the full moon, becoming even more bloodthirsty. These people tend to be serial killers and etc. Most going mad with the hunger or completely controlled by the blood thirsty 'curse'. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, they are the only clan to successfully integrate both species into one clan, the vampires feast on the blood and hand the remains to the werewolves, which the wolves devour. Individuals tend to stay by themselves, usually solitary until a meeting or gathering.


    Leader of the Yanmorrow Clan: Arwk
    Leader of the Shakoya Clan: Dr. Lupin
    Leader of the Tika Clan: Izz
    Leader of the Zoutu Clan: Eesa
    Leader of the Naarue Clan: Mweek
    Leader of the Nacota Clan: Haren
    Leader of the Yakalisk Clan: Brooke Where Little Fish Swim
    Leader of the Geeyui Clan: Zeerith
    Leader of the Swarm Clan: Krek
    Leader of the Sayota Clan: Bane
    Leader of the Katek Clan: Shadow
    Main knowledge of Lavia: Merlin

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    Re: Foes And Friends (WIP)

    Post by NotKictch on Wed May 28, 2014 5:20 pm


    My name is Gorn. I am Male. I was turned into a vampire by someone of the Geeyui Clan. (Short bio including if you have anything special about your certain Vampire/Werewolf, like if you are going to rebel). I am now being sent by my clan to find a solution to our dwindling numbers. I will follow these orders. (Reason?)

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    Re: Foes And Friends (WIP)

    Post by NotKictch on Wed May 28, 2014 5:37 pm

    Suggested Bios


    My name is (name). I am (Male/Female). I was turned into a (species) by someone of the (clan name). (Short bio including if you have anything special about your certain Vampire/Werewolf, like if you are going to rebel). I am now being sent by my clan to find a solution to our dwindling numbers. I will (follow/not follow) these orders. (Reason?)


    My name is (name). I am (Male/Female). I hunt the creatures of the night. (include short bio and reason why you hunt vampires/werewolves). I tend to want to hunt (alone/in a group). The weapon(s) I have chose to use (is/are) (weapon(s)). If I am at risk of changing I (will accept my fate/would rather die).

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    Re: Foes And Friends (WIP)

    Post by NotKictch on Wed May 28, 2014 5:40 pm

    The gathering hall was full. Crowded with the leaders of each of the clans. A tall, old man called everyone to order and everyone took their seat in their respective spots. Only one seat stood empty. That of the Yanmorrow clan leader. The room was filled with the stench of dog and discomfort. These meetings were only called in times of dire emergency.
    Once again the man stood up and in his deep booming voice, spoke.

    "Leaders, I have called you all here to speak about the issue of our dwindling numbers. Both the Vampire and Werewolf clans have dropped to dangerously low numbers. Food has been hard to find and hunt. Some clans now are on the brink of starvation. Humans have also risen in population causing the discovery of our secretive lifestyles. They send hunters out for us as they did so long ago. We are here to discuss and come up with ideas of how to deal with this problem. I will go around the table, asking for suggestions and ideas. We will start with Izz, the Tika Clan leader.."

    He finally took and seat nodding toward a small wolf cub. The cub sat up straight and with a strong voice spoke. "I think to solve this dilemma we must integrate the clans into their respective species"

    A few mutters swept through the room, some positive some negative. The man waved to the next leader. The werewolf Zoutu clan. She cleared her throat, folding her hands in her lap, her ears twitching in thought, and she spoke in a slightly forceful voice.

    "I say that we enslave the humans..."

    Slightly surprised mutters crossed the room, and the next leader, the Naarue Clan leader spoke up, His wings spreading in an attempt of intimidation,

    "We should just kill the humans! Or...most of them!!"

    "We should try and live with the humans!" Yelled out the Nacota clan leader.
    Arguing and noise filled the room, it was on the brink of fighting until the man let out a loud howl. Silence...

    "Now..." he turned to look at the next leader and gave a nod of permission.

    The Yakalisk Clan leader. the wolf sat proudly and in a smooth and calm voice she said "Let time lead wait and see what happens..."

    The crowd was silent in fear of another argument breaking out, tension hung in the room weighing on everyone. The man nodded to the next leader. The Geeyui Clan.
    "We should all hide...." his voice was soft and shy. A couple dissaproving grunts sounded in the room but then was silent again. Next was the Swarm Clan leader, his rat like teeth clicked slightly and his tail curled around his middle. "I say let us die out, it seems only natural and we do the world no good."

    Silence continued. The Sayota Clan leader was next, cloaked in a black shawl, only his eyes were visable.

    "Let us capture humans, use them as livestock as they do cows...It would be so simple..."

    The leader right next to the man, the Katek leader spoke in a naturally soft voice. "Let us bring the clans and species together, live as one, we will be stronger."

    The man nodded and then spoke his own, the man was the Shakoya Clan leader.

    "I believe we should find new places to live, away from the humans but within range so we can still hunt." His eyes then wandered to the empty seat, filled with something like relief, then i walked in to put my own word in. My steps were loud, i ran my claws along the wall leaving giant scratch marks and i yelled "I think both the clans and the humans should all die! Everything should be dead!"

    The roomm was completely silent, they expected this from me, the Yanmorrow clan leader, the Butcher clan they call it...

    In the end, after discussing things detail by detail a plan was made, it was a mix of a few of the ideas and they decided to let newly formed members of the clans execute the plan, they would be put into a group and sent out on the mission to save the species.

    But I....I will stop their pitiful plan, all that will be left is the Yanmorrow...

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    Re: Foes And Friends (WIP)

    Post by NotKictch on Wed May 28, 2014 5:41 pm

    The sun was finally setting after what seemed an eternity of day. It was always such a relieving sight to see, the dimming light through the windows. The bright beams that sneak in through the shades finally fading to nothing. The hunger bubbled inside of me, callling out for my nightly feast... I knew I had to be more careful now because of the hunters that now wander in the night, looking for people like me.

    How more obvious could I be? The bells around my neck jingle as if answering my mental question. They were a curse to my being, but I had to keep them on at all times. I was prone rebelling against the clans that promise to harbor me, not because I don't like them, just because I get bored. My incredible speed makes it so easy to cause mischief, so now I wear the bells so that they know where I am at all times. Tonight was going to be a bit different... The words from my current clan leader ringing in my head.

    "We shall first attempt to reason with the humans, we need people like you to go and talk to the higher ups in the human society, find others of the other clans who are also ordered to do so as well, and as a group go speak to a government official, such as a Governor or even the President if needed, try and make an agreement, it is up to you what you guys want to include, the leaders are leaving all of it in your hands, so please...find the others and group together preserve our livelihood..." I shake my head a bit, to trust me out of all of his members, he was quite foolish... I run outside and begin my hunt for first food, then the others...

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    Re: Foes And Friends (WIP)

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