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    Age of Equinox


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    Age of Equinox

    Post by Tassakahn on Thu May 08, 2014 12:09 am

    [ So yeah here is a thing. This will feel a little like being thrown into the middle of a chaotic mess, which is kind of what it is. More on the races as the story progresses.
    Out of a childish tradition in this RP's precursors, I will begin (only) my first post with a typical TSFH track: hella enjoy.
    I would advise those considering joining to build their races on the other side of the gate that will be mentioned... ]

    - Chapter One: Tenuous Pact -
    Many years have now passed from the day Second Star [see Log 15/cloneRylir] was killed. The Ancestors once told us that such a being would lead us to our salvation in harmony with the Cryak. With our our equipment having been destroyed in a raid by one of the less gracious races of this arm of the galaxy, I have deemed our mission a failure.
    However, I do believe that Supreme Commander of the New Seerlia Republic, Neara [see Log 11/Seerlia], has an agreeable point when his (tenuous) meet with Rebel-General Thexh ended in the conclusion that the Age of Equinox is not yet upon us; the plans of our Ancestors were too careful for complete failure to be possible.
    [Interjection from Pilot Zerakree; Ancestors may not have factored the vigour of the Grob's development into the Grox Empire. Suggestion deemed irrelevant]

    - Log of Overseer, 24th Age of Seeking.

    >> Necrosaladin Capital Cruiser, Empress' Hand

    Fahahin shifted an artificial gaze to Skar'ah. The presence of such a pure-fleshed relative was still something of a shock, even though he had been this way for over three months.
    Traditionally, for thousands of years, the Necrosaladins had relied in a particular drug, dubbed 'Black Spice' by neighbouring colonies. This substance generally extended the life of particular beings, at the price of some mutations and 'DNA corruptions'. Nothing too dangerous, given the rewards. So said the Emperor.
    Now the Emperor was dead, removed from power by his rebellious son and disillusioned daughter. He would not be missed.
    "The Seerlian ship is requesting communications, Mistress," Skar'ah turned to Fahahin. Sadly, his eyes had not recovered in his healing process - one that she soon would undergo - and had been replaced with newly-grown ones. He touched a finger to the quill mounted on his mask, "sister, I fear that this may not be the wisest thing to do."
    Fahahin resisted a laugh. "You are one to speak, brother. Your endeavours against the Empire almost saw you dead."
    "But, here I am." He spread his hands. The console stole his attention once more. "The Supreme Commander, for you, Empress."
    "Allow communications. Put him through."
    The form of Commander Neara still sent chills into her limbs. Times change. Needs must, as the Ancient saying went.
    "Empress Fahahin," The avian spread teal-plumed wings in greeting, "a pleasure." and the wings folded away neatly. Fahahin took a moment to study Thexh, the crimson one, stood by the Commander's side, but still carefully restrained. The red bird nodded to her, before Neara waved him away.
    "I believe we have business to discuss regarding the information I uncovered."
    "Yes," She replied, "The Overseer was quite excitable in his last visit. Given the recent conflicts with the other empires, I feel that this is the appropriate time. As it is said, the answer will come from the ashes; as the Ancient ones promised. You spoke of transportation, Neara. I don't suppose we could simply jump an entire fleet to the other side of the galaxy."
    "Why, of course. The gods provide, 'Saladin. We are to meet with the Forenan vessel, Zerakree, in the next four cycles. Rally what you may, Mistress Fahahin. Location is transmitting now. We will not wait for you."
    "We are never late, Seerlia. In hundreds of years of fighting my father's empire and my fleets, did you not learn this?"
    The avian touched a talon to a large eyepiece. "I learned this at the cost of my favoured eye. Thexh would have your brother visit us. Please, by all means have him bring that claw of his to the party."
    Neara spread his wings once more, and was gone. Empress' Hand turned, and began the jump back to the Empire's Space.

    >> Undisclosed Location, outer-neutral space

    Zerakree's request was granted as the Bridge came online. Broadcasted the news to all in range. The Seerlia would want to know. Others would come, too, no space for the False God in the eyes of many. But no thoughts for what lay in the other side. Far away.
    Now, a single message to the last of the Forenan, the other side of the bridge:
    Prepare for the journey. We are returning.

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