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    BC characters


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    BC characters

    Post by BlackCat on Sun May 18, 2014 10:21 pm

    Name: Kain Johns (Rasputin) [Apocalypse]
    Age: 17
    Birthday: August 7th ****
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 85 lbs

    Bio: When Mirah Johns was told she was expecting another child, both her husband and her three year old son were over joyed. Until Mirah's health started to deteriorate. On the seventh of August at four in the morning, Mirah was declared dead, but not before managing to tell the nurse a name. Her newborn son, Kain, born a month early, was rushed to intensive care. A month after, he was united with his father and brother. But the father, with little information on the birth, believed it to be all the child's fault that his wife was dead, and his other son, not old enough to understand, believed it as well. As Kain grew up, he was treated with contempt from the only family he knew, constantly reminded that the only reason he wasn't put up for adoption was because his mother would have wanted him to stay. At the age of fourteen, when he was locked out of the house for the night, he met an eighteen year old man, Ben, who initially treated him as though he were an angel. But only a few months later changed for the worst. Becoming manipulative and abusive, he kept Kain quiet by reminding him of all the good he did for him those few months and how Kain hadn't deserved any of it. He used his hold over Kain to make him do anything he wished, and didn't care whatever happened to him after. Three years Kain spent, with no friends and only one who would even look at him, and he stopped caring for himself. Kain would spend the night awake, would not bother patching up any wounds, and though he didn't actively try to kill himself, he didn't make any attempts to stop things from happening. Attacked by a friend of Ben's one night, all he did was lie on the floor.
    When the apocalypse came around, he had found himself locked in a large walk in freezer at the workplace of Ben that had been shut for the past week for renovation. So in a week they had no reason to go into the freezer.

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